Before I start the bio, I'd like to just say we're not like most music you see on here. We're kids all between the ages of 14-17, who have at least thing in common, we have a passion for music, and it is what we want to do in our lives. Our main influences will always be punk, and third-wave ska bands such as NOFX, Big D And The Kids Table, Catch22, Streetlight Manifesto, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, Operation Ivy and Rancid, all though we draw from anthing from ska, old and new punk, pop-punk, and even some post-hardcore. Don't think we're your steriotypical ska band, Our vocals aren't clean and crisp, we don't have quality recordings, our instruments are sloppy and we like it that way....With the exception of the no "quality recordings part"... We'd like some good recordings. Most of our songs right now repeat their selves, but we're working on some new stuff that are some-what complicated. In short, if you don't like oldschool punk, and Operation Ivy type ska then you probably won't like us. So the saga begins...

We're a now an nine-piece Ska/Punk garage band formed as "Minor Destruction" in late January 2006, with starting members John Laye on Drums, Nick Irwin on guitar, Brian Caswell on bass, and Andrew Kustodowicz on the mic. They played one show at DMS on the last day of school at lunch for all grades, which was a blast, but Due to some interpersonal conflicts, Brian left the band. Matt LaBelle, a friend of the band took over the bass, but even before that, TJ Finney, one of Matt's friends came to practice and showed off his guitar skills. He somewhat took over as lead guitar. Nick Irwin recently left the band for unknown reasons. Someone apparently also sabotaged our other MySpace, which is way un-cool. We recently decided "New line-up, new name", and re-named ourselves The Bombers. We also made a change in the style of music we play. As of August 5th, we have a horn section consisting of Jon MacDonald, Nick Johnson, and Rosekelly, Mike, and also recently added a rhythm guitarist named Nick Johnson and organ player John-Michael. Look forward to more catchy ska beats and silly narratives from all of us in our lyrics. Spread the word about us to your friends, and Keep it ska.

Why We Suck

September 9th, 2006 + 5:09 AM  ·  TheBombers

This song was recorded at one of our practices on a PC microphone, just like our others.

Since then we have made 4 or 5 new songs, added 3 horn players, and a rhythm guitarist, gotten a mixer, and some recording software. You can be expecting some decent recordings sooner or later.


August 25th, 2006 + 4:08 AM  ·  TheBombers

This is going to be re-recorded because I recently found out how to get a better sound for my bass making it less muffled sounding, and also because I messed up a few times.

Track 2

August 25th, 2006 + 3:08 AM  ·  TheBombers

Once again, this was recorded at our third or fourth practice off of a PC microphone connected to our bassist's laptop.

I know that our songs tend to repeat the same thing all the way through, however we write each song in a half hour to an hour, lyrics and all. You can expect more complicated stuff later on. For now I have a song that I play on bass that is worth checking out.

Careless Youth

August 25th, 2006 + 3:08 AM  ·  TheBombers

This was recorded at our third or fourth practice off of a PC microphone hooked up to our bassist's laptop. It was our first attempt at recording anything and I now have a mixer and recording software so you can expect some decent recordings from us sooner or later.
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